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Name:Hippie Monk
Comments: Am a travelling teacher and visited Nepal after reading this blog and website resource. Just dropped by to say thank you heaps!
,March 1, 2016 06:21:09(GMT Time)

Name:Mohan Silwal
Comments:Detailed, updated and comprehensive resources about Nepal, equally useful for first time explorer or for a seasoned travelor. Thanks for the good work. would appreciate your updated contact information to my e-mail.
Tuesday,October 29, 2013 01:42:15(GMT Time)

Name:asian expeditions
Comments:Ramdung trekking and tours company regularly organizes nepal expeditions tours,nepal trekking ,nepal peak climbing,mountaineering in Nepal,tibet expeditions,tibet tours,bhutan tours and sikkim tours according to our clients demands.
July 24, 2012 09:30:10(GMT Time)

Name:Independent Himalayan Adventure
Comments:Your's is indeed a good site and very appreciable effort. We would like to be associated with you and looking further to increase business together..
July 21, 2011 08:32:26(GMT Time)

Name:nepali manche
Comments:Wow ! A very useful site. Lots of information about our Motherland. Keep it up. :)Namaste
February 22, 2011 04:43:47(GMT Time)

Name:Jerzy Matuszczak
Comments:Great web page. I love geography and your web page give me more idea about Nepal. I would love invite you and your friends to my web page It is about airports,travel and weaher. Over 75.000 web links some to places in Nepal but now knew need find more. Best wishes!
October 24, 2010 08:15:16(GMT Time)

Name:Dr S D Singh
HomePage: http://
Comments:kudos for yr efforts, keep it up and do yr best for motherland Nepal..we salute yr efforts on our and Mumbaikars behalf, with blessing for yr overall growth and a novel mission opted through this website.
July 9, 2010 16:27:15(GMT Time)

Name:Sumitra Rayamajhi
HomePage: http://
Comments:Namaste, your website touches heart of nepalese people and your poems are very beautiful.
April 4, 2010 11:18:57(GMT Time)

Name:Michael McNeely
HomePage: http://
Comments:Hello Mr. Thakur! I am very impressed with your website and it's many interesting parts to explore. I was particularly impressed that with my current studies in Criminal Justice, you are the only one who has an accurate and simplified version of the differences between interview and interrogation and their tactics. Quite a find for me, and looking at your achievements renews my interest to a higher level. You are quite a man!
January 25, 2010 04:28:42(GMT Time)

Name:Steve Emmett
Comments:Narayan, have looked at your excellent web site. I am doing some research into your country as we are looking at a possible business opportunity. Your maps are excellent , in particular I would like to use the Map’s in a presentation that I am creating. Would it be possible to get the individual images of the following maps
Administration Map showing the districts
Large Map showing the roads , tracks , rivers.
I hope that you can help me. Many thanks
November 19, 2009 11:14:48(GMT Time)

Name:Erin Kearney
HomePage: http://
Comments:My daughter has recieved a Pen Pal with a little girl in Nepal. She is evr so happy and is so excited to start writing to her. Within the letters we send we will give presents such as, sweets, books and things that they would appreciate as valuables because the children are learning English. We wish the best of luck to them and we will be hearing more about them.
September 7, 2009 15:38:47(GMT Time)

Comments:Hey there! great source of information. Particularly the maps come in handy..Good luck with your website! Best Wishes from The Netherlands,
April 15, 2009 11:13:09(GMT Time)

Name:Nepal Trekking Tours
Comments:Hello Mr. NCthakur! I am quite impressed with your website, and all the achievements that you have made so far.
January 19, 2009 09:52:18(GMT Time)

Comments:It's a nice place to share my thoughts. I'm willing to stick around here and watch it grow. As i also want to learn how to grow mine.
January 1, 2009 09:23:57(GMT Time)

Name:Indu dahal
HomePage: http://
Comments:Dai namaste! Its really a part of appreciation that u created such a beautiful website great job i wish u all the best n hope to more n more bout nepal through the way .Actually im 4m nepal but i was born n graduated from india nagaland but i love nepal n im missing nepal so all the best dai.
March 10, 2008 01:44:27(GMT Time)

Name:Kulendra Baral
Comments:Your's is indeed a good site and I know some people who had recommnded your site to me. We would like to be associated with you and I will be looking further to see a buisness liason developing.
February 22, 2008 10:33:46(GMT Time)

Name:R H Koirala
Comments:Very appreciable effort for and a creative hobby. Putiing a bit more information to the Nepal visitors would make the site more useful and popular.
December 29, 2007 05:24:44(GMT Time)

Name:Animesh Chakma
HomePage: http://
Comments:I'm desperately looking for my old friends Atul Ranjan Bhattarai, Saras Man Pradhan of Nepal and Om Prakash Dhungel of Bhutan. I hope someday we'll meet each other.
September 13, 2007 17:16:16(GMT Time)

Name:Bhim Karki
Comments:Hi sir, I am a regular visitor of the site since I know about. I am ENTC engineer from butwal , now in pune india. I would like to get link in your website. This site is dedicated to nepal so is mine. I am looking forward for your positive response. Regards  Bhim karki
April 23, 2007 19:18:51(GMT Time)

Name:Bishnu Dhakal
HomePage: http://
Comments:Thank you for your lots of information about the Nepal. Im so happy finding out this site. all the best. Im interested to add my some of site in Nepalese personal homepage list. All the best. Lots of love
from Nepal.
March 21, 2007 11:52:01(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:i love dis website... it is a great website... i hope u could put more of information on nepal... nepal is a nice country n i wish that one day i would go to nepal with my nepalese boyfriend...
March 16, 2007 12:54:06(GMT Time)

Name:Scott Barnes
Comments:Translation is a little rough but the Nepalese crime article is pretty good. I guess it all matches up pretty much the same wherever you are in the world.
January 6, 2007 05:56:04(GMT Time)

Comments:You're really great in creating such a wonderful site, and your quest for knowledge and continued learning impresses and inspires me a lot. I've visited Nepal in 2000 and walked to Annapurna Base Camp. I enjoyed the trip very much. I'm in the process of organising the travelog (in Chinese) and photos and putting them on my website. Thanks so much for sharing and please keep up with your good work!
December 29, 2006 04:10:16(GMT Time)

Name:Sushma Gurung
HomePage: http://
Comments:Namaste Thakurji! You have really created a very wonderful website! Thank you so much for all the included knowledge about Nepal. Well, I wanted to download the large map of Nepal from your site, but couldn't do so! The map that I was able to download from your site was not so much in detail. So, I was wondering if you could kindly email me the large map of Nepal from your site! Hoping for your kind consideration and wishing you good lucks, Sushma.
December 15, 2006 04:48:46(GMT Time)

Name:Durga Kunwar
HomePage: http://
Comments:Namaskar, wow this is excellent, well done!!! Thakurji, Lot's of thanks for offering us about Nepal.
May 18, 2006 15:52:48(GMT Time)

Name:Sheeraz Hasan
Comments:Congratulations on your excellent site. I am looking forward to visiting Nepal.
January 28, 2006 08:22:10(GMT Time)

Name:sam seen
Comments:hi NCTHAKUR: good day! i met 4 Nepali in Singapore and they are first Nepali i have such long conversation in my life till now!!!! They are great. That's lead me keen into Nepal. I wish i could visit Nepal soon if possible to me. :) And sir, your site is wonderful and details!!! very helpful! rated 5 stars!!!!! I would like to meet u if i were in Nepal. :) best regards to u n yr family, sam
January 16, 2006 08:06:24(GMT Time)

Name:Michael Phillips
Email:Michael Phillips
HomePage: http://
Comments:i was searching for information on kathmandu because i heard this is the place an American friend is presently located and i was attempting to discover how i might find him in kathmandu. Your site is very helpful for my appreciating your city. i was considering coming to kathmandu to find him if he was still there. And the city seems quite enchanting. Being a Buddhist i am certain i would appreciate the stupas, shrines, and temples throughout the area. Do you think my best chance of finding my friend would be through the American Embassy?? Thank you. Very pleasant website!!! If you come to the USA again you should try to visit New York City and San Francisco, probably the most interesting of US cities! :-) mike
January 13, 2006 21:23:33(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Well! I know that a lot of effort accumulates drop of water but when we see sea then we can imagine the effort. It is really appreciated one for national and international arena. Actually this site makes a lot of sense to introduce as a Nepali and congrautations for great success and wish you all the best in future."Khukuri ko chot sodhna achan dhaunu parchha Desko Maya Bhujhna Yek choti Bides Janu Parchha". "Nepal lai maya gara hey Nepali ho haina bhane nepali nabhan".
January 11, 2006 18:53:21(GMT Time)

Name:ML DeFilippo
HomePage: http://
Comments:Hello! This morning, when I began reading a book by Frederick Lenz, entitled, Surfing the Himalayas (A Spriritual Adventure), I was drawn to find a map of Kathmandu. This is where Lenz's adventure begins. I learned so much more than 'a location' when I came upon this website. Thank you!
January 3, 2006 14:19:13(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Nice effort. I really appreciate Mr. Thakur’s effort of building this site. The fact that he has picked up IT in this age and came up with this site, increases the importance and beauty of this site. Even I am not from Nepal, I just wonder I got into this site while searching some information about the little Hindu country. It is impressive. Well done sir, I have to salute you and your effort. Thanks
Nawin ( NJ – USA)
December 19, 2005 14:58:30(GMT Time)

Name:cheej kumar shrestha"sanju"
HomePage: http://
Comments:thanx for a great site, this site is a milestone for me n other nepalese who live abroad but i cannot find out nepali gazals. so if it is possible than add this column in future. wishing you a best success in near future, its your time....go on....
November 1, 2005 10:57:48(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:thank u thank u thank u!!! i've been looking for the mouseover and hide image script for sooooo long!! thank u!! keep up with the good work!!
October 14, 2005 03:38:50(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:pleased to see the wonderful site. I want to know if we can contibute some article or poem on the site.
September 23, 2005 05:30:22(GMT Time)

Name:Yehiel Goldstein
HomePage: http://
Comments:Thank you for the beautiful web site. After visiting many countries and walking over endless number of treks, I am currently studying Nepal and hopefully will come next year for my first Trek. Thanks for the very well prepared information, maps and pictures.
September 19, 2005 13:24:27(GMT Time)

Name:Gavin G
HomePage: http://
Comments:As an eager novice to the many visual and cultural delights of Nepal i was delighted to come across your website.Am planning trip for next year right now! woo-hoo
August 17, 2005 19:46:04(GMT Time)

Name:Sunita and Amar
Comments:Hi! Thakur G, Thanx for your page, it is so beautiful and useful for like us. We are very wondering with your page so that lots thanx for your site ...... Keep in touch.. Dharan
July 11, 2005 09:18:04(GMT Time)

Comments:Thakurji, I was wondering if you know district-wise maps of Nepal. I am looking for a map of Bhaktapur and Kavre districts, where we are planning to start development projects. My European friends can't believe that there is no maps of districts in Nepal. Is it possible to by them in Nepal? Are you may be going to put them online?
July 3, 2005 14:35:30(GMT Time)

Comments:I was looking for useful information in preparation for a UN police mission. I found your thoughts really helpful & inspiring. After reading so many lines of people "in authority" it was a true pleasure to spend my time with the wisdom of "an authority". Thanks for sharing this excellent website.
Best wishes,
(German Border Police)
June 11, 2005 23:05:08(GMT Time)

Name:BR Giri
Comments:I am quite impressed with your website, and all the achievements that you have made so far. Surely you are an important world citizen. Congrats!!! BR Giri
June 5, 2005 16:36:54(GMT Time)

Name:Dr Arjun Lamichhane
HomePage: http://
Comments:I liked this website. Congratulation for your effort and success in making the things fruitful.
June 5, 2005 13:32:16(GMT Time)

Name:Peter Walmsley
Comments:I am a VT photographer planning our first trip to Nepal in October this year. Thanks to your excellent site this has become an eagerly anticipated experience. Well done!
May 24, 2005 12:34:26(GMT Time)

Name:Pramod Bhattarai
HomePage: http://
Comments:Namaste Dai, Excellent website!!! You have done a outstanding job. Thank you for all the info and the beautiful pictures of Nepal. Regards,
May 23, 2005 14:59:24(GMT Time)

Name:julie roulette canada
HomePage: http://
Comments:hello i was really impressed with your web page.i have great friends in nepal.god bless you for a job well done..
May 1, 2005 12:27:39(GMT Time)

Comments:Hi, I've just found your site today and think it's a really great resource on Nepal. I've not been there (yet) - in fact the closest I've come to Nepal is the fabulous Nepalese restaurant that is in my town. The guys who run it are from Nepal so I'm guessing it's fairly authentic. Hopefully I'll get to try the real thing one day.
April 12, 2005 11:30:26(GMT Time)

Name:Sonal Joshi Pant
HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi Dear Mr. Thakur, First of all,let me Congratulate you for this great job. While surfing the net, I found your website, which was very useful to many of us. I got so many informations from your page. Thanks for providing them.
March 11, 2005 07:52:25(GMT Time)

Name:Alwin Lenck
Comments:Searching for a hint to my friend (Atul Ranjan Bhattarai)in Nepal who visited me in 1990 in Germany I met your HomePage and was very impressed.Thank you for so many details of Nepal.
March 7, 2005 21:09:12(GMT Time)

Name:Raj Bahadur Rai
HomePage: http://
Comments:Its great! Especially when I am here in Toyohashi(Japan) and my struggle to make my Japanese friends understand Nepal is over. Keep it up!!
March 3, 2005 10:15:13(GMT Time)

Name:BR Giri
Comments:Great job! i am especially pleased with the illustrative maps of Nepal. I hope in the future you will somewhat manage to produce details maps of each 14 anchals of nepal.
February 20, 2005 12:42:03(GMT Time)

Name:Kiran Gautam
HomePage: http://
Comments:I enjoy visiting your website.It will help many visitors, Thanks for doing a wonderful job
January 28, 2005 10:52:20(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Great website! My boyfriend and I are going to visit Nepal in March and your website and beautiful photos will inspire us to no end!
Thank you!
January 15, 2005 16:24:11(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi, I am flying to Kathmandu in February 2005 - as an IT Advisor volunteer with VSO. I will be working in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Thanks for a great little website - maps and information is great... really can't wait to arrive! Kind Regards
Lucy Hunt
(Currently in UK)
December 24, 2004 11:16:39(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi, I want to visit your country and i found all the information that i wanted about Nepal and Nepali people. Is a great site.keep the good work.
My regards to Nepal from Greece!
December 15, 2004 06:52:54(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:A great place for Policing News. You should contact Policing organisations and let them have your web address. It is great - thank you.
NSW Police Officer, Australia
November 29, 2004 09:46:24(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:this site is sooo cool i took my younger cousin when she had a project on nepal and she made an A+ she wanted me to say thanks!!
blessed be
November 22, 2004 15:56:26(GMT Time)

Name:Tara Rana
HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi! I was searching for the district maps of Nepal, for my new project that I am planning to initiate in Nepal. I am glad, I found it at your website. Thanks for executing the good work. God bless, Tara, India
November 19, 2004 06:14:23(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:this is a wonderful and very educational sight for all kids and adults studying i think that everyone should have access to such wonderful and educational sites thanks for having such a great site.
November 18, 2004 15:43:46(GMT Time)

Name:Deepak Bista
Comments:Dear Thakurji and visitors,
I wish you all a very happy Tihar and May Goddess Laxmi bless us Nepali living at home and abroad with peace and prosperity. May this Tihar also bring peace and security to our beloved country Nepal.
November 12, 2004 09:24:54(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Namaste Your website is really interesting and informative. And you have the best Nepal maps I could find on the web. Thanks.
Maryse from Switzerland.
September 21, 2004 19:12:43(GMT Time)

Name:Rajab Shrestha
Comments:Its real good to see your site. I always thought that web designing was only the interest of people between 16-29. But its so nice to know your website and you. YOu are a police officer and i am really suprised to see this creativity and this enthusiasm for information technology. You and your effort is really appreciable. Its very very good.
Best of luck for future commitments.
September 19, 2004 09:44:07(GMT Time)

Name:james ginn
Comments:Great web site.Nicely designed and thats the best map of Nepal that I have found on the web.
September 13, 2004 23:09:19(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:It is a excellent job that you have done.Keep on going.... I am really impressed and i appriciate your patriotic heart.....Good Luck
From Tokyo
September 7, 2004 11:35:21(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Dear Mr. Thakur
I am really impressed!! Initially I thought this site belongs to some enthusiastic youth. Later when I went into your introduction, when my eyes first struk "32", then thought may be this person is some, you know, a young professional. It took me some time to accept that you are a grandfather (my apologies if I am wrong). The site is really good.
Newcastle, Australia
September 3, 2004 12:57:54(GMT Time)

Comments:Your site was so interesting and informative. Great work. Thank You.
August 24, 2004 15:08:43(GMT Time)

Comments:very nice page :* :}
August 24, 2004 04:58:58(GMT Time)

Comments:Hi Narayan, It seems you've been everywhere on the Balkans in Europe, except in Bulgaria :-) You've missed a lot :) Anyway, I was looking at your site, and I like it, especially your pictures from places all over the world. I was trying to contribute to your "Cool sites" directory, but was notable to find a way to countact you with my suggestion :( except by singing your guestbook. Still cool :) Well, if you think my website will be an asset to your "cool sites" directory, I will appreciate it if you could include it in it :)
Thanks! Take care,
August 4, 2004 19:32:15(GMT Time)

Name:Ganesh Neupane
Comments:We have visited your home page and it is really nice. Please keep always same. Thanks!
July 24, 2004 06:46:09(GMT Time)

Name:Deepak Bista
Comments:Very good site with a lot of cool and informative links and including some Nepali businesses. Keep up with your good work. I keep visiting your site.
July 21, 2004 12:05:42(GMT Time)

Name:Lal Gurung
HomePage: http://
Comments:Keep it up. It is really the best way to know about our country.
July 20, 2004 12:54:57(GMT Time)

Name:Binod Shrestha
HomePage: http://
Comments:HI, Really this is a great. Keep it on.
July 11, 2004 01:46:40(GMT Time)

Comments:I am from Nepal so I will certainly love the site.
July 8, 2004 14:12:15(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:I am from Turkey.I find your site very good expecially Highest Mountain Peaks in Nepal .
July 3, 2004 06:02:15(GMT Time)

Name:ALE L. B.
HomePage: http://
Comments:I was so surprised to see your website,when I was searching for nice Map of Nepal. Your job is certainly good and I am agreed with all visitors view.
June 26, 2004 09:51:12(GMT Time)

Name:Lokendra yadav
HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi ! this is very nice place to get information about nepal n neplese people.
May 27, 2004 06:24:58(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:This is really a kool site which taught me lot about almost everything. I am just eager to know about the source code for the panoramic view of kathmandu...... is it possible???
April 30, 2004 03:53:27(GMT Time)

Name:Renee Krupp
Comments:I entered your site trying to find a Javascript to hide images. I found your solution, but unfortunately it is not working for me. I was hoping I could ask you an email question, but I couldn't find a way to email you other than through your guestbook. I am hoping you will be able to answer my question. Thank you.

PS: I looked at the rest of your website and as a school administrator I appreciate your efforts at educating the rest of the world about your country. I will make sure some of my students are made aware of your site.
April 24, 2004 16:51:31(GMT Time)

Name:Pun Rohim
Comments:Thank you for your lots of information about the Nepal. Im so happy finding out this site. all the best. Im interested to add my some of site in Nepalies personal homepage list.
All the best. Lots of love from Nepal.
April 3, 2004 16:39:52(GMT Time)

Comments:Hi, This is nice web site. I like very much.
April 3, 2004 16:39:52(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:I want to add my compliments to the many you have already received. This is truly a wonderful website. Congratulations to you on your excellent work!
February 5, 2004 16:42:26(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:I really liked the Tamang Selo from your website. Can we please post who the singer is and where can we find his other songs. Man the song was very good.
January 27, 2004 15:50:36(GMT Time)

Name:Manohara Thapa
January 25, 2004 21:02:29(GMT Time)

Name:Jane Shahi
HomePage: http://
Comments:Is it possible to get a copy of the map of Maoist-infected areas for a class presentation? It would be much appreciated!
November 25, 2003 22:03:28(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:This site is's really informative and moreover it has so much stuff about Nepal. Keep up the good work!!!
November 22, 2003 21:33:17(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Hello, My daughter is on a research trip to Nepal. I have felt so distant from her. Your wonderful web-site has enabled me to feel close to her, to learn about your beautiful country and culture, and has given me peace and enjoyment. Thank you for wonderful maps, your panoramic view, pictures, and song clips. This is one of the finest web-site to which I have gone.
November 17, 2003 14:43:03(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:Hi! I love the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley and seeing the other images. It is the reality of the picture that I am interested in and the maps. It is a great website. I am a sponsor of a girl in Rautahat and I am looking up many sites that feature Nepal. Thank-you.
November 15, 2003 02:45:19(GMT Time)

Name:Mike S
Comments:hi, Can you please add a link to my new site called Thank you very much,  Mike S.
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November 3, 2003 18:36:35(GMT Time)

Name:pendse anil
HomePage: http://
Comments:I am coming to nepal in november 2003 I would like to meet you personaly to congratulate about the wonderful website.
Jay hindu rashtra nepal.
Please send me your address/phone no
October 31, 2003 04:05:14(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:I am coming to nepal for a holiday soon from Australia and found your site very informative. Good work.
October 28, 2003 23:33:53(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments:hey! its a cool helped me out alot..great job.
October 24, 2003 22:29:50(GMT Time)

Name:Sunil Dhungel
HomePage: http://
Comments:Great job! It's really is an inpiration to millions of Nepalese.
September 30, 2003 14:34:11(GMT Time)

Name:Gyanee Parajuli
HomePage: http://
Comments:WOW, I must say it is a excellient site with many great linkes and a great design. I am proud to see such a site which developed by a Nepali.And proud to be Nepali.
September 28, 2003 13:09:38(GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
September 9, 2003 09:27:30(GMT Time)

Name:Tik Gurung
HomePage: http://
Comments:WOW! No offence to you but to be honest I thought this was the work of some teenagers who are always glued to either the MTV channel or their computers. I quite rightly agree with the comments made by some of the visitors that people should learn from you, and your desire to learn should be something the young generations of today should try to aspire. Excellent work, I would certainly be recommending your site to my friends.
September 2, 2003 22:16:52(GMT Time)

Name:gomez ayala
HomePage: http://
August 24, 2003 11:58:58(GMT Time)

Name:Solmao Thapa
Comments:Hai u have made a great and good web. And u r helping to join the foreign Nepalis and make them close to all other Nepali a lot. And u have made the forgien Neplali that they haven't miss their country.
August 14, 2003 21:34:50(GMT Time)

Name:Anup Aryal
Comments:I got to see this website when i was searching the google, its absolutely incredible, at this age you seem to be so innovative that many nepalese can take inspiration from you.I appreciate your liking for IT and hope you will serve nepalese community by your knowledge and experience.Hope to meet someday!
Thank you
August 10, 2003 12:09:34(GMT Time)

Name:Ashok Sah Kanu
Comments:This site is very useful and helpful to Nepalese as well as foreigners in every aspects of life. Either in business or in personal life. I met old friend from this site.
Thanks alot........
August 7, 2003 09:20:48(GMT Time)

Name:Noel Ivon
Comments:Your's is indeed a good site and I know some people who had recommnded your site to me. We would like to be associated with you and I will be looking further to see a buisness liason developing. We are soon introducing and in countries like UK, Thailand and Canada. I would like you to know your good self and visitors also that we are certified people who are working with utmost dedication since more than 5 years as is backed by certified instructors and guides !
July 27, 2003 14:06:15(GMT Time)

Comments:Very good website you have here, Glad to put my step on it, send you and your visitors my best greetings. You are ALL " WELCOME " to visit my little webpage as well.
Vous êtes bienvenu pour visiter mon webpage
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July 24, 2003 04:18:10(GMT Time)

Comments:Hi,namaste! It's a wonderful website and I think it also the best personal website around Nepal.I am a Chinese, i like nepal.since you were a police officer,i want to know the ranks classifiction of nepalese police:nepalinam and their english name. thank you !
July 16, 2003 07:46:27(GMT Time)

Comments:Hello ! I am really glad that my way crossed by this great-made page ! :) cu, Marlon
July 13, 2003 12:57:09(GMT Time)

Comments:Namaste? Glad to find this beautiful home page. Thanks a lot. Good luck.....From south korea.
July 11, 2003 02:26:51(GMT Time)

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