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1. Crime Prevention in the context of development in Nepal

2. Policing for people or the government?

3. Interview & Interrogation in the investigation of crime

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Center for Defence and International Security Studies-Terrorism - Provides database on terrorist incidents from 1945 to 1998. Also includes related documents and articles.

Counter-terrorism Issues - Learn facts about terrorism, legislation and executive orders, counter-terrorism programs and safety precautions.

Counter-terrorism Pages - Web based resource for the study of terrorism, counterterrorism, politically motivated violence, and revolutionary activity. Includes profile of Osama bin Ladin.

CDT's Counter-terrorism Issue Page -Provides resource metarials on terrorism issues and counter-terrorism.

ERRI-Counter-Terrorism Archives - Provides a summary of world-wide terrorism events, groups, and terrorist strategies and tactics. Includes contents from 1989 to present.

FEMA:Backgrounder - Terrorism - Federal Emergency Management Agency provides information on terrorism in United States.

IACSP-The International Association of Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals - Provides annual subscription to the journal of counterterrorism & security magazine, quarterly newsletter, counterterrorism & security report.

JR's Global Security Resource - Features topics on terrorism and security managements.

Maoist Insurgency in Nepal - Provides an insight of Maoist's so called people's war and their activities in Nepal.

Maoist of Nepal - Report of the IPCS seminar held on 9 August 2002.

Operational News Excerpts - Nepali Army - Features latest operational news excerpts regarding counter-insurgency against maoist's activities in Nepal. Includes photographs of maoists.

Pattern of Global Terrorism - State Department web site provides information on pattern of global terrorism. Includes policy news.

South Asia Terrorism Potral - Find information, data, commentary, research, critical assessment and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia.

Terrorism Research Center,Inc. - Provides analysis, references, documents, profiles of terrorist, and counter-terrorism organisations.

Terrorism and Counter Terrorism - Find articles and documents on terrorism issues, counter-terrorism, database on terrorist organizations including Al-Qa'ida. Also includes links to related sites.

United Nations Treaty Collection - Browse information on United Nations Conventions on Terrorism in different languages.


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